Basalt fiber clothing ranks among the best exhibits at DDW 2017

Heat resistant basalt fibre clothing was showcased at Dutch Design Week 2017 among other sustainable projects of Bauhaus Universität Weimar, the university specializing in the artistic and technical fields.

Students Jakob Kukula and Anja Zachau used basalt fiber fabric for their project. It is called Made of Rock referring to the natural origin of the material.

According to the designers, basalt fiber is mainly used as concrete reinforcement. However, such properties as high resistance to corrosive media, durability and ability to withstand temperatures up to 600 °C offer the possibility of new applications.

Focusing on high heat resistance of basalt fiber, young designers decided to make use of the thermal features to create a concept of thermal protective clothing. Protective clothing always works with sandwich layered structures. Here, in Made of Rock, the outer layer, usually aramid textile was replaced with basalt fiber fabric. The finished clothing retained heat resistant properties but added ecological and economical advantages.

To recap, one of the world’s market leaders when it comes to the production of technical textile, Olbo & Mehler, invested 4 million euros in production facilities in 2017. A flagship product of this company is fire retardant basalt fabric, which won Inova Textil Award.

Companies: Dutch Design Week, Olbo & Mehler

Industries: Construction

Terms: Fire resistance

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