Basalt fiber attracts interest of leading automobile manufacturer in China

Basalt fiber and carbon fiber became the first priority materials for the Chinese automaker Dongfeng in its research studies of composites.

In 2016 the total investments made by the company in science and technology amounted to 19.7 billion yuan, exceeding 7% of the company’s annual revenue. Owing to this fact, Dongfeng obtained more than 7000 patents in 2016.

According to Yang Bo, a technician at Dongfeng’s engine research center, in addition to mineral fibers the company has invested significantly in researching applications for the vacuum pressure casting process. This helped to reduce the vehicles’ weight, but greatly improved overall performance.

Zhu Yanfeng, board chairman of Dongfeng Motor disclosed that in the next five years his company would focus on the five concepts: lightweight, electric, intelligent, connected and sharing. Also the company is going to build a world-leading automobile workshop in order to accelerate the implementation of its innovation-driven strategy.

The focus on innovations provides Dongfeng, a leading Chinese automobiles and spare parts manufacturer, with competitive power and technological innovation capacity.

In addition to a leading position in the Chinese market, the company formed joint ventures with American Cummins and Dana, Japanese Nissan and Honda, South Korean Kia Motor.

Countries: China

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