Russians are the best in Composite Battle World Cup 2017

The team from the IEC “Composites of Russia” of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University took the first places in the projects presentation and intellectual contest at the Composite Battle World Cup 2017.

The four-stage competition was held in the Chinese city of Xi’an on November 20-24, 2017 in the venue of the Northwestern Polytechnical University that is one of the main universities in China.

Held internationally in accordance with World Skills International standards since 2016, this championship promotes the composite industry among young researchers. In addition to the contests, the event programme includes a practical conference, master classes and a specialized exhibition.

Sixteen teams from various countries competed at the Composite Battle World Cup 2017 watched by 5 thousand visitors. The organizers believe that participants’ proficiency is steadily growing from year to year so to select the best is getting increasingly challenging task.

To recap, the first International Composite Championship was held in the city of Kazan with the support of World Skills Russia and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The championship was hosted by Kazan Aviation University and IEC “Composites of Russia”.

Companies: Composite Battle, World Skills

Countries: China, Russia

Industries: General society

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