Cut-out stone wool pipe sections are not inferior in quality to those made by winding method

Stone wool pipe sections made by cutting out process have thermal conductivity values that are comparable with pipe sections made by winding method. At the same time, “cut-out” thermal insulating products are 20% cheaper than those produced by the winding method.

Joint research conducted by the specialists from both TechnoNICOL and Certification and Research Center «Heat Insulation» has refuted the popular belief that wound thermal insulation provides better performance due to even distribution of fibers. The tests were carried out “on the pipe” exposed to high temperatures.

To recap, the analysts forecast the growth of mineral wool market in the next five years due to its excellent insulation properties. Given current trends, international corporations are launching new stone wool manufacturing facilities.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Industries: Construction, Oil & Gas

Technologies: Filament Winding

Terms: Pipes

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