Fuel cell safety sensor for composite cylinders received JEC Award

The UK’s R-Tech Materials developed an early warning safety sensor for hydrogen fuel cell storage tanks in cars. The device received JEC Asia Innovation Award, which highlights innovation introduced by the British company.

One of the fastest growing polymer and composites laboratories in the UK obtained award for the testing expertise it brought to an innovate project called COMSAFE HV.

Using acoustic emissions sensors and expertise data, R-Tech experts conducted a number of different static and dynamic mechanical tests on hydrogen fuel cells.

Fuel cell safety sensor for composite cylinders received JEC Award
Acoustic emissions curve that demonstrates the behavior of the composite tank. Source: R-Tech Materials

The tests allowed for developing a characteristic acoustic emissions ‘mother curve’ for a type III (with an aluminium liner) hydrogen fuel storage cylinder typically used in cars. The sensor works by monitoring the behaviour of the tank whilst it is being filled with hydrogen, and makes signals if it is damaged.

At JEC Asia, R-Tech Materials introduced a prototype of the early warning safety sensor, which is currently undergoing field trials.

Implementation of this sensor will result in the increased safety of hydrogen driven vehicles since hydrogen is considered a very clean fuel whose only emission is water.

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