JEC World 2018 to kick off in France on March 6th

JEC World 2018 is one of the largest and the most important trade shows in the composite world. This year the organizers expect over 40 thousand attendees representing all the composites value chain including raw materials, composites and products, and also end users.

The exhibition has long established itself as a trade show where the participants can get information about innovative solutions, unique production processes and find new business opportunities. In 2018 JEC World will run for three days, from March 6th to 8th, and will bring together participants from over 100 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

The trade show will include several events. Firstly, it is the trade show itself which will be held in the form of Innovation Planets.  The Innovation Planets illustrate best practices and successful composite applications in the following areas: Automotive, Aerospace, Construction & Building, and Better Living (energy, sustainability, sports and leisure, medical, consumer goods).

The trade show’s four different display areas dedicated to the specific sectors help visitors understand better the benefit each company or market can gain from composites.

The exhibitors will include both new-comers and the companies that do not attend JEC World for the first time. For instance, Roth Composite Machinery specializing in machinery and prepregs is going to showcase its solutions at the trade show. The company’s winding machines can process various fibers, including basalt fiber. R-TECH, JEC Award winner, will introduce visitors to its solution used for testing and monitoring the behavior of composite tanks.

The next event is the Startup Booster, which will bring together entrepreneurs who strive to turn the advanced composite solutions into reality. Last year such industrial partners as Airbus and Daimler supported this programme, highlighting the importance of composites for the modern industry.

Innovation Awards ceremony has become a good tradition at the trade show in Paris. The most prestigious award in the composite world indicates the latest trends in R&D connected with processes, raw materials, logistics and research application fields. To recap, last year robotic arm for basalt fiber 3D printing from +LAB won JEC Innovation Award. Moreover, a few companies showcased solutions and products based on basalt fiber and basalt composites.

Anne-Manuele Hebert, JEC World Director commented that for the 2018 edition, the organizers “will pursue our strategy towards the End-Users to grow their presence at the show, grasp thematic and develop new content and networking that will encourage discussions and business between the supply chain and cross-industry stakeholders”.

Please, register for JEC World 2018 at the event website, and find the event programme there.

Companies: Innovation Award, JEC Group, Roth Composite Machinery

Countries: France, Germany, USA

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive and Road Transportation, Construction, Energy, General society, Medical, Sports, Leisure & Recreation

Technologies: Filament Winding

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