Advanced metallized nonwoven technology for lightning strike

General Nano launches VeeoVEIL, a lightweight, flexible, electrically conductive metallized nonwoven technology that has been developed with aerospace and defense customers to meet the aerospace industry's most stringent lightning strike protection and electromagnetic environment effects requirements in composite air vehicles.

Advanced metallized nonwoven technology for lightning strike

As the aerospace industry has transitioned from metal to composite air vehicles, the need for new electrically conductive, lightweight materials that deliver multifunctional value are easy to integrate, and improve upon existing composite manufacturing processes, has become prevalent for aerospace OEMs and their suppliers.

“We’ve been innovating for nearly four years with some of the world’s most respected aerospace companies to develop next generation conductive materials that support current and future aerospace platforms and missions. VeeloVEIL is the newest result of General Nano’s ability to develop differentiating products that delight our customers.” stated Joe Sprengard, CEO & Co-Founder, General Nano.

VeeloVEIL delivers a new level of performance in metallized nonwoven technology for the composites industry. VeeloVEIL provides a unique combination of ultra-low resistivity, low areal weight, and ductility for composite parts with complex geometries. VeeloVEIL is more than 4x less resistive at equivalent areal weights compared to other metallized nonwoven products on the market.

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