CompositeTechs has teamed with ARC Technologies and Maryland Thermoform

CompositeTech has teamed with ARC Technologies and Maryland Thermoform to showcase a new series of electrically modified products for the plastics and composites industries.

ARC Technologies of Amesbury MA, has announced a new family of dielectric controlled polymeric materials for injection molding, thermoforming and composite applications.

The material includes formulations with a wide variety of electrical properties. PP6000 is a low dielectric, low-loss thermoplastic compound with good resistance to moisture and most chemicals.

It is ideal for applications at 24 GHz and 77 GHz, including radomes for automotive radar, and can be used as an impedance-matching material or as a dielectric spacer.

CA5000 is a highly conductive plastic that provides good shielding over a wide frequency range.

CA5000 has good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and is an ideal material for molding electronic covers and enclosures that can benefit from low cost and design flexibility.

PP2000 is a magnetic absorber that provides a balance of mechanical and electrical properties.

It fits particularly for surface current reduction, cavity mode suppression, and attenuating nearfield emissions from 1 to 18 GHz. WT-ACAG is a carbon-based absorber that is designed for attenuation in the 10+ GHz range.

This product is ideal for lossy enclosures and housings and can be used to reduce/eliminate antenna pattern side lobes and improve performance. All of the materials are halogen free, RoHs and REACH compliant.

Maryland Thermoform Corporation of Baltimore MD, is a high-performance thermoforming facility that has teamed with ARC Technologies to bring thermoformed versions of these opportunities to market. Maryland Thermoform has fabricated high precision detailed components with these specialized materials for the aerospace industry.

CompositeTechs of Amesbury MA provides affordable expert technical, sales, and business development support to the advanced materials community.

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