Solvay and deBotech announced as USA Bobsled and Skeleton technology partners

Solvay is one of the team’s technology partners and suppliers of advanced carbon fiber composite materials. deBotech, Solvay’s long standing customer and USA Bobsled and Skeleton’s carbon fiber manufacturer, has been a team partner for 15 years.

Solvay and deBotech announced as USA Bobsled and Skeleton technology partners

Solvay’s prepregs are developed to offer maximum strength while remaining lightweight, and offers the ability to create distinctive complex shapes, giving performance equipment high aerodynamic efficiency.

“Solvay has always supported sports and athletes, aiming to break records and leverage the strengths of our composite materials technology to their advantage, whether it is on the water, in the air, in the velodrome, on the track or on the snow,” said Carmelo Lo Faro, President of Solvay’s Composite Materials Global Business Unit. “USA Bobsled and Skeleton is a perfect illustration of that desire for speed and competitive excellence and we wish them a lot of success in their upcoming international competitions”

“At deBotech we have worked with Solvay’s materials for years across a wide range of high performance applications,” said Hans deBot, deBotech President and Founder. “It is that experience coupled with our deep understanding of carbon fiber composite properties that enabled us to partner with USA Bobsled and Skeleton since 2002.” Richard Laubenstein, Crew Chief at USA Bobsled and Skeleton added: “We thank our technology partner Solvay and our manufacturing partner deBotech for providing our team with custom designed high quality carbon fiber composite equipment. This, in addition to our incredible athletes, will put us in contention for medals in 2018”.

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