Dia-Stron showcased new measurement module for technical fibers at CAMX

Extensometer LEX820 developed for testing technical fibres and filaments and equipped with IFSS module (Interfacial Shear Strength) is used for measuring debonding forces of micro-droplets on single fibres and filaments.

Special software UvWin is designed to allow for easily modified method parameters and offers a number of integrated data post-processing tools.

The company brought LEX820 with IFSS module to САМХ 2017 held last December. Dia-Stron stand demonstrated LDS/LEX System and Cassette Hotel solution. A fully automated dimensional and tensile measurement system, the LDS/LEX is designed for technical fibres and filaments, whilst the Cassette Hotel boosts sample testing automation with its 200 sample capacity and live loading/unloading capability.

According to the company, the systems can be applied to various technical fibres, including natural, man-made, and composite:

“Man-made technical fibres, such as carbon and glass, present unique challenges when measuring dimensional and mechanical properties. The mechanical characterisation of these fibres or filaments, especially in uniaxial tensile deformation, is routinely measured to understand and to predict the behaviour of composite parts.”

Last year the dates of annual САМХ were moved forward from September to December due to the Irma hurricane. The greatest number of exhibitors including Dia-Stron confirmed the participation on new exhibition dates.

Companies: CAMX, Mechanical Properties

Industries: General society

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