Properties of Basalt Plastics and of Composites Reinforced by Hybrid Fibers in Operating Conditions

At present a sufficient experience is accumulated in world practice in the field of the technology of preparation of basalt plastics and composite materials with reinforcing structures from hybrid fibers. Development of the works along this line is determined by possibility of preparation of new generation of materials with a wide spectrum of properties.

Carrying out expert evaluations and updating business plans and feasibility studies of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products.

Along with it, a diversity of the requirements, imposed to structural materials, tended to the fact that none of newly elaborated materials can occupy the dominant place at current stage of technology development, at least, in the immediate future. Each type of materials may be optimal in certain specific cases, as shown in presented work.

A wide spectrum of needed materials, apart from considered here, may be prepared by the use of a number of reinforcing fibers with various elastic and strength characteristics and combined with carbides and oxides of the binders, as well as of reinforcing schemes which permit purposeful control of strength, rigidity and other properties of materials.

In parallel with it, it should be noted that at present the data for physical-mechanical properties of basalt plastics and composites on the basis of hybrid fibers as well as for variation of these properties in expected operating conditions are extremely limited, which retards their use as structural materials.

We hope that the engineers of various specialties may find in this work the practical recommendations on the approach of estimation of serviceability of materials in operating media, generally, as well as the data on calculated resistances of basalt plastics and composites on the basis of hybrid reinforcing fibers, in particular.

N.M. Chikhradze, L.A. Japaridze and G.S. Abashidze
Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Georgia

Companies: Mechanical Properties

Countries: Georgia

Terms: Basalt fiber application

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