VABS is modeling slender composite structures with complex cross-sections

AnalySwift has developed software for decoupling an original 3D slender composite structures with complex cross-sections into a simple engineering beam model.

It is used for simulation of tubular composite products like golf club shafts, propeller and wind turbine blades, masts, automotive drive shafts etc.

In late 2017, VABS software was licensed by Switzerland-based North Thin Ply Technologies, a world leader in lightweight, thin ply prepreg materials and process automation technologies. The company is going to use novel software for modeling high end composite golf club shafts for TPT Golf clubs.

The solution from AnalySwift can also be applied for simulation other tubular structures including those used for sport and industrial applications. According to North Thin Ply Technologies, equipment shafts and frames are several instances of ideal applications for tubular structures where weight, performance, and cost are critical factors.

North Thin Ply Technologies is pursuing a successful policy, expanding business fields and establishing new manufacturing facilities able to deliver lightweight structural parts for the aerospace, racing cars, yachts etc.

Of note, Collier Research released a light version of its HyperSizer software, which allows users to design composite products for the wind industry, robotics technology and aerospace.


Companies: AnalySwift, HyperSizer, North Thin Ply Technology

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Sports & Leisure

Terms: Composite materials, Software

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