Vladimir Nelub, IEC ‘Composites of Russia’: Basalt fiber has huge export potential

Vladimir Nelub, Director of IEC ‘Composites of Russia’ (the Bauman Moscow State Technical University) and Moscow Composite Cluster, is speaking about the composite industry in Russia and plans of the Inter-branch Engineering Centre (IEC) to promote composites.

How do you assess the true state of the fiber-reinforced composites industry?

The industry is developing: new manufacturing facilities become operational, the projects within the 14th Sub-program on the Development of the Composite Industry in Russia are under implementation. In 2016 the volume of the Russian composites market increased by 20% compared to the previous year. As of year-end 2017, the Russian composite materials market amounted to about 53 billion rubles and it is still growing rapidly.

However, Russia’s share in the global production volume in value terms remains small: it does not exceed 1%. The main reason is insufficient demand for domestic innovative products in those sectors of the economy that may become its main consumers. First of all, we are talking about transport engineering, construction, power industry, oil and gas, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemistry and petrochemistry. To change the situation, it is important to establish dialogue with potential consumers, to show them the competitive advantages of composite products.

As for basalt composites, this is a relatively new field not only for us, but also for the whole world. At present we are technology leaders in stable continuous basalt fiber manufacture and processing. So we must not only retain our leading positions, but must create a technology gap with other world market players.

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