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JEC Group Makes Paris The World’s Composites Capital

On 6 March, JEC Group will open the doors of JEC World, the trade show that brings together all the composite industry stakeholders, from material producers to end-users.

From 6-8 March 2018, Paris will host the largest international trade show for advanced materials: JEC World, which is organised by JEC Group. For three days, more than 43,000 professional visits from some 100+ countries will gather at the world’s most innovative platform for the materials and products that are revolutionising our century. “One field where France is a global leader is the field of composites!” says JEC Group President and CEO Frédérique MUTEL.

Composites Are Going Strong

The share of composites in the global economy is growing. The market for these products is worth 83 billion euros, for a volume of 11.23 million metric tons of volume (2017 statistics). Analysts are predicting a steady 5% growth by 2021. From the industrial viewpoint, composites are developing rapidly, with new automated processes for high-volume production.

Innovation in Composites

“Innovation is there with the raw materials, such as better-formulated resins (and even recyclable ones like thermoplastics) and higher-performance fibres like carbon, glass and aramid. Moreover, natural materials like starch for matrices and flax, hemp, sisal and bamboo for fibres are being introduced. There is also innovation in the way composites are being used, and with the creation of completely new things like drones, electronic devices, hydrofoils and flying taxis. Composites are currently making progress everywhere there is a need for low weight and performance. They offer nearly infinite possibilities. These are truly the materials of the century. Designers are adopting them in a broad range of fields like smart cities, infrastructure, networks, transportation, medical devices, sports & leisure and design. Composites materials expand the field of possibilities,” explains Ms. Mutel.

To present the latest trends and innovations, the 2018 JEC World has even more surface area, with 68,000 square metres. The 1,350 exhibitors (from carbon fibre producer to auto builder, from designer to decorator, from research fellow to aircraft manufacturer) will display their latest advances. All stakeholders will be present at the show. JEC World received more than 40,000 professional visits last year, and is expecting 43,000 this year!

This year, JEC World will have four planets. Besides the aerospace, automotive and construction planets, there will be a new ‘Make it real’ planet, which gives a preview of designer creations to be exhibited at the Ghent museum starting in October 2018. “We will show the many aspects of composites, and how these materials are being gradually incorporated into everyday objects,” adds Ms. Mutel.

This year’s JEC World will feature a new ‘Composite Challenge’ program that gives the floor to ten PhD students, who will be given five minutes to pitch their research projects with the help of a single slide. “True to its mission, the JEC Group has set up this new program to share the latest research on composites. But it is not just a way to share the most advanced knowledge, it also helps to bridge the gap between academics and the industry and to identify the industry’s next generation of leaders,” she says.

JEC World will also be the occasion to launch Flax & Hemp Fibre Composites, A Market Reality: The Biobased Solution for the Industry, a new book published by JEC Group on the use of plant-based materials.

The trade show will host well-known speakers, including Dirk Ahlborb, the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a company that is reinventing transportation with high-speed travel (up to 1,300 km/h, or 808 mph), and Yves Rossy, aircraft pilot and inventor of the first jet-powered wingpack, with which he is able to reach speeds of up to 300 km/h, or 186 mph. The Startup Booster program will pay tribute to startups, and the JEC Innovation Awards program, to innovations. For the first time, the public will be invited to vote on these two programs. Six new conferences will also address the latest technical advances that are moving the sector forward, and a Composites in Action program will present live demonstrations throughout the show, in three different places.

The JEC Innovation Awards program chooses and awards composite champions based on criteria that include the involvement of the partners in the value chain, the technical aspects, and the commercial applications for the innovations. Thirty finalists were previously selected from more than 100 applications from all over the world. The names of the ten winners will be revealed during the JEC Innovation Awards ceremony on Wednesday, 7 March at 5:00 pm on the Agora stage.

To discover the finalists and to vote for the public’s favourite, use the JEC mobile application, or go to

The largest international startup competition in the field of composites is devoted to entrepreneurs (small businesses or startups, including student startups) with an innovative project and who want to meet decision-makers in the composite sector to obtain support. On 6 March, following a pitch session by the ten participating startups in the JEC World Agora area, (11 am to 1 pm), three winners will be announced during a ceremony at 4 pm. In addition to the enhanced public exposure they will receive vis-à-vis composite professionals worldwide, the favourites of the jury and of the public will benefit from an acceleration program, and in particular from a stand at the 2019 JEC World trade show.

To see which startups are in the running and to support their project visit

Visit for all you need to know about the show.

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