Aliancys Unveils Resin Innovations at JEC World 2018

Aliancys will be present several new products, including Daron 8150 resin for high performance SMC, Neomould 2017-S-01 tooling resin for the manufacturing of high quality composite tooling, and Beyone 700-T-01 FC resin used in the relining of drinking water networks.

Taking an integral approach to new product development, Aliancys is using its full expertise in resin chemistry, material science and composite processing to develop new technologies and markets.

“Aliancys has a clear vision to take care of our customer’s business both today and tomorrow,” comments Bert Bakker, CEO of Aliancys. “At this JEC show we are very proud to present to the world three examples of great innovation supporting our customers’ future business. In all these cases we have been helping our customers to develop composite solutions that combine ease of processing, durability in daily use, and cost efficiency. These innovations expand the range of applications for composite materials, and contribute to making this industry competitive long term.”

High performance SMC

For automotive and carbon SMC applications, Aliancys is introducing Daron 8150. Featuring excellent wetting of both glass and carbon fibres, the resin enables to obtain elevated strength and stiffness in lightweight moulded components. Its easy processing brings quality consistency and predictable performance in high volume manufacturing. In addition, moulded parts have demonstrated ultra-low emissions.

Toolmaking made easy

Neomould 2017-S-1 resin for manufacturing composite tooling is designed to create moulds that perfectly mirror the surface and dimensions of the plug. The thixotropic nature of the resin allows for excellent application on vertical surfaces without sagging. Although the through-cure is fast, the exothermic heat is low. For these reasons the resin is highly suitable for making thick parts in one go.

Fast and safe drinking water relining

Relining has been the solution of choice for renovating sewage pipe networks, avoiding open streets and associated inconvenience for nearby residents. With the new styrene-free Beyone 700-T-01 FC resin drinking water networks can also be easily repaired at competitive cost. The ingredients of the resin are on the positive list for food contact applications, the resin is manufactured in line with GMP, and resin/glass liner systems have been approved by KIWA-ATA. Liners made from Beyone 700-T-01 FC have already seen successful installations, providing excellent resistance to network pressure fluctuations and great continuity of operation to network owners.

Lightweight with design flexibility

Another example of how Aliancys is able to create new technologies in close collaboration with its customers is the development of lightweight passenger bus components for VDL Bus & Coach. These components are made by applying a foaming resin formulation supplied by BÜFA on the basis of resin from Aliancys. Besides bringing unique shapes and great aerodynamics, the use of low density composite parts results in major weight savings for the bus, translating into lower fuel cost and emissions. A large bus front module made with the vacuum expansion process (VEX-technology) will be exhibited in the Auto Innovation Planet area at JEC (Hall 6, M89).

“Aliancys believes the successful development of new resins and composite technologies hinges on the close collaboration with our customers,” states Fons Harbers, Marketing and Sales Director at Aliancys. “We like to fully understand the needs throughout the entire value chain, and then develop innovative material solutions that bring true value.”

Visit Aliancys in Hall 5, Stand N40 at JEC World 2018.

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