ShapeTex automotive composite parts

Lightweight composite parts have been manufactured using ShapeTex preforms in a recent automotive development programme.

ShapeTex automotive composite parts

Shape Machining Ltd’s Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “Our ongoing research and development continues to demonstrate our ability to manufacture advanced composite parts for the automotive sector. An optimised ShapeTex preform can be manufactured in the volumes required and at the rate that is required to satisfy the demands of the majority of UK OEMs.”

Ongoing research at Shape is focused on reducing the cycle times still further.

McCool added “The potential of this technology to transfer across all industry sectors is really exciting. The manufacture of net shaped parts, quickly and with zero waste is a target for all our customers whether they are selling cars or consumer sporting goods.”

Shape designs and manufactures continuous fibre reinforced preforms in a range of materials for the automated production of composite parts.

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