Thermo-Tec introduces basalt heat insulation Rogue Line into automotive

The developers assert that a new line of basalt heat insulation includes automotive and racing industry products, which do not fade exposed to the heat.

Nick Helms from Thermo-Tec commented to Basalt Today that Rogue Line includes exhaust insulating wraps, pipe shields, and turbo covers. Protective properties of basalt fiber are similar to those of carbon fiber though basalt fabrics hold its appearance over time, resulting in a much nicer look.

“We have sent some turbo kits to people and been involved in some projects”, said Nick. “They seem to be performing extremely well and they seem very happy with them.”

In addition to Rogue Line, the company produces a wide range of heat insulation products, including heat shields, exhaust wraps, sound and heat barriers.

Thermo-Tec’s products are universal so they can be customized, cut down to part sizes demanded by customers.

Industries: Automotive

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