Diabasic rocks to contribute to Dagestan economy

Diabasic rocks suited for the production of basalt fiber are found in the volcanogenic-terrigenous formation in the south of Dagestan.

Vasiliy Cherkashin, the Director for the Geology Institute of the Dagestan Scientific Center (Russian Academy of Sciences) has announced this fact.

Reserves of natural resources in the republic and issues caused by their utilization were discussed at the meeting of the Caucasian Political and Economic Club. According to Vasily Cherkashin, the territory of the republic can be divided into three zones, each of which is rich in both ore and non-ore raw materials. Deposits of diabases are found in the southern Dagestan, also called the Slantsetoye.

Dagestan is not the only Caucasian republic with industrial reserves of raw materials sufficient for the production of rock wool and continuous basalt fiber. The project on the construction of basalt fiber manufacturing facility in the South Ossetia is at the implementation stage. Also, the manufacture of basalt fiber in the Kabardino-Balkaria can become one of the points of cooperation with the French investors.

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