Following the conference held as part of Composite-Expo

A regular international scientific and practical conference ‘The Current State and Prospects for the Development of Production and Application of Composite Materials in Russia’ was held as part of the 11th international specialized exhibition on composite materials, technologies, and equipment Composite-Expo.

The event was organized by NPK Khimpromengineering (UMATEX Group) JSC, Exhibition Company Mir Expo and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Delegates from Basalt Projects GC and BasaltUnion NGO took part in the conference.

At the plenary session, Pavel Servatinskiy, Director for the Department of Metallurgy and Materials (Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade), addressed to the participants on behalf of Sergey Tsyba, Deputy Minister, and announced that Russia’s market of composites’ production and consumption experiences increase in the growth rate: 59.3 billion rubles if expressed in monetary terms.

Furthermore, Mr. Servatinskiy drew the producers’ attention to the fact that the manufacture of products and components in volume terms does not meet the expectations and expressed the government’s readiness to foster the composite industry.

Anatoliy Gaidanskiy, the General Director of AeroKompozit JSC paid attention to the increased application of composite materials in the aerospace and provided the case of the Russian medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21 to have passed a series of tests successfully, and expressed  the positive view that this composites application sector would develop.

The delegate of the Composite Manufacturers Union, Sergey Vetokhin, spoke about improvements in the regulatory base on the utilization of composite products in various applications, and focused on the new, now active SP 295.1325800.2017, which specifies design norms for concrete structures reinforced with fiber reinforced bars, including basalt plastic rebar.

The code of practice establishes design requirements to heavy and fine-grained concrete structures, reinforced with basalt, glass, carbon or aramid rebar, able to be operational under the static load and exposed to the climatic conditions of the Russian Federation.

The code of practice is to increase the composite rebar application in the road, low-rise housing and industrial construction.

The binders able to be operational under high temperatures and aggressive environment took particular attention of the participants. Speaking on chemically resistant vinyl ester resins, the representative of JV ETS LLC stressed the positive prospects of these binders applied in basalt fiber reinforced composites, which are used for tanks, vessels and pipes exposed to hot aggressive environment.

During 2017, we managed to solve a lot of issues that restrained composites application, but the Russian market share compared to the global market still remains 1%.

To significantly accelerate the growth rate, it is necessary to focus attention not on the purchase price of composite materials, often exceeding the metal products cost, but to evaluate the full life cycle of the products where the composites reveal their advantages to the full extent.

This is especially relevant in the construction industry, which accounts for more than 40% of the Russian PCM market,

– said the President of Basalt Union Andrey Nikitin.

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