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A new Evopreg brand came into the market

Composites Evolution (UK) announced the launch of its new prepreg family and a major investment in new prepreg manufacturing facility.

The company products including epoxy prepregs and a previous bio-based line Ecopreg will be introduced under the new brand Evopreg.

The company spokesperson comments that this decision was taken due to the fast-paced growth in the composites sector and growing customer demand in corresponding materials. After the business structure is changed, Composites Evolution will move from niche supplier to a mainstream supply chain partner for these raw materials.

New product line can be used for improved mechanical properties in the final product and can be selected with any temperature cure cycles.

The brand Evopreg utilizes basalt, glass, carbon, and aramid fiber as reinforcement. Applications include automotive, sporting goods, motor-sport, consumer products and industrial.

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Industries: Automotive and Road Transportation, Finance & Investment, Sports, Leisure & Recreation

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