Basalt rebar manufacturer joins Krakow special economic zone

Dortech II Magdalena Jargas will manufacture innovative basalt composite reinforcement rods. Just in the end of 2017, the company from a Polish city of Tarnów obtained a permit to operate in the Krakow special economic zone.

A representative of the Krakow CEZ informed our magazine that Dortech II Magdalena Jargas had declared investment spendings for machinery and equipment in the amount of 2.2 million Polish zlotys at least. The company is not yet ready to disclose the project details.

The holding company, Krakow Technology Park, issued an appropriate permit on December 29, 2017, completing a year with a round number, that is 20 permits for doing business.

In August 2001 a subzone of the Kraków SEZ was established in Tarnów. Companies doing business in the resident status enjoy benefits in the form of investment incentives and state support.

Dortech II Magdalena Jargas produces and supplies heat-resistant products for chimneys and fireplaces made of fiberglass: seals, cords, tapes, and also ceramic glue. Also, the company offers bioceramic fiber, glass, carbon and basalt fiber for the automotive industry.

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