A gelcoat that slows down flame propagation and reduces styrene emissions

Dilutec, a manufacturer of gelcoat in Brazil, announced the launch of Colorgel FR LE. The product complies with the plastics flammability standard UL 94, in the V-0 classification, and is characterized by the low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the atmosphere, such as styrene monomer.

 A gelcoat that slows down flame propagation and reduces styrene emissions
The compliance with UL 94 means that parts manufactured with Colorgel FR LE delay the propagation of flames. In other words, after removing the ignition source, the surface stops burning, a characteristic required for applications in the transportation sectors – road, rail and nautical –, industrial, energy, with products such as poles and crosspieces, and in wind power generation, both in the blades and in the nacelles and spinners.

“The product is also environmentally friendly due to the low VOC emission rates, an attribute guaranteed by the high compatibility of the resin used in its formulation with styrene monomer,” said Marcos Brambilla, technical manager of Dilutec.

After polymerization, Colorgel FR LE loses 0.66% of mass, versus 2.27% with a standard gelcoat, according to the tests performed by Newtech, a company accredited by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro).  

Dilutec took approximately two years to complete the development of Colorgel FR LE. The application of the new product, according to Brambilla, can be made with the gelcoat machine and a spray gun with inverted cup or with a paint roller or brush, in the topcoat version.

Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec, estimates a monthly demand in Brazil of approximately 300 tons of gelcoat with the characteristics of Colorgel FR LE.

“This volume is currently supplied by imported products or home solutions, such as the addition of additives to common gelcoat made by composite processors themselves. For this reason, we are very optimistic about the market’s reaction to our launch.”

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