Basalt composite tripods manufacturer announced collaboration with Sony

The collaboration will start with a new line of Gitzo basalt composite tripods developed for Sony’s α-series interchangeable-lens cameras, which will be launched this year.

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The project is supposed to consolidate the positions of Sony and Vitec Group, the company behind Gitzo, as the innovation leaders in their respective sectors.

The collaboration was announced on the occasion of Gitzo 100 years anniversary event in Tokyo. Innovations such as the uses of carbon and basalt fiber to make tripods along with a design policy of “no gimmicks and no compromise on quality” put Gitzo products in a class of their own: the reputation that the company has been developing all its life.

Gitzo’s products form a comprehensive range of supports for large, medium and small format cameras, for film or digital technology, for still photography or dynamic video, for studio or location work.

Producers increasingly use basalt fiber as a composite reinforcement. Thus, Karura offers musical instruments cases made from hybrid materials reinforced with carbon/basalt fiber.

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