ISOVER starts to produce mineral wool insulation according to new GOST

The whole range of ISOVER’s mineral wool insulation has been certified according to the new GOST 32314-2012 so it meets now the modern standards of quality.

This is the case with heat and sound insulating materials based on basalt fiber.

The new standard takes into account the thermal conductivity coefficient, the class of fire safety and water absorption of the material. They make it possible to standardize such properties as strength, density and thermal conductivity, which each manufacturer could have chosen from his or her perspective before. The old Soviet GOSTs primarily took into account the density of mineral wool in order to estimate the product quality.

Russia-based plants ISOVER have started the production in accordance with GOST 32314-2012 ‘Factory made mineral wool products used for thermal insulation of buildings. General specifications.’ since 2018. Thus, the company is already ready for the mandatory declaration of properties in accordance with Resolution No. 717, which will be due from December this year.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction

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