Cevotec tailors SAMBA system for thermoset prepregs

Germany-based Cevotec, a developer for patch-based composite production technologies, showcased a scalable Samba series systems tailored for processing thermoset prepreg materials at JEC World 2018.

SAMBA Series Prepreg also feature a variable and contamination free laser cutting, precise camera-controlled fiber placement and the fast and easy tool change system. Automated fiber layup of CFRP components with challenging 3D geometries is now possible in all production environments from high-volume production to flexible batch production or prototyping.

Specific are a cooled material storage and an energy-efficient photonic heating of patches. For the integral production of highly complex-shaped parts, SAMBA Series systems operate with up to 12 robot axes and a flexible patch gripper to precisely place defined fiber patches on a 3D mold mounted on a tool manipulation robot.

Countries: Germany

Industries: Energy

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