Canada-based manufacturer makes paddles from basalt fiber

A famous Canada-based kayak paddles manufacturer Nimbus Рaddles included hybrid paddles made from carbon and basalt fibers in the product range.

The main activity of Global Basalt Engineering LLC is creation of effective productions on release of continuous basalt fiber (СBF) with technologies of the last generation and composites on the basis of СBF (Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites as BFRP).

Nimbus Рaddles has been in kayak market for over 30 years, offering hand crafting high quality products. The paddles are produced using glass, basalt, and carbon prepregs.

Touring and specialized, of various shapes and designs, made for paddlers of any size and skill levels: practically all paddles can now be produced using hybrid basalt / carbon blades.

Designers working for Nimbus Рaddles believe this solution to be unique in the modern market. Carbon prepregs are used for internal blade layers, which then are covered with basalt prepregs.

A carbon paddle has nearly the same weight as a hybrid one. Both structures are of high strength and durability but basalt offers additional versatility and long life because it absorbs the strikes against stones better. In addition, basalt / carbon paddles cost less, since basalt fiber is cheaper.

The designers emphasize aesthetic qualities of their new product: the blades get golden sheen of basalt fibers. This is the thing that Max Betteridge said, the designer who covered basalt composite bodywork of Ducati Flat White – a motorcycle he had created – with a transparent lacquer, so that we could observe the golden interweaving of basalt fibers.

Another Canada’s company, Nova Craft, developed and in an extreme way tested a canoe made from basalt composite in order to prove its unique capabilities.

Countries: Canada

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