Nonlinear Transient Response of Basalt/Nickel FGM Composite Plates under Blast Load

In this study, the nonlinear dynamic response of basalt/nickel FGM composite plates has been investigated under blast load.

Necessary rock studies of the gabbro and andesite basalt groups for the suitability as the raw material base for the production of continuous basalt fiber (CBF). A unique technique including laboratory melting and pilot-industrial melting at the high-tech equipment.

Homogenous Laminated Model (HLM) and Power-Law Model (PLM) are used to model the basalt/nickel FGM composite plates. von Kármán large deflection theory of thin plates are considered for the geometric nonlinearity effects.

The equations of motion for the plate are derived by the use of the virtual work principle. Approximate solutions are assumed for the space domain and substituted into the equations of motion. Then the Galerkin Method is used to obtain the nonlinear differential equations in the time domain.

The Finite Difference method is applied to solve the system of coupled nonlinear equations. The effects of two different approximations in order to model the basalt/nickel FGM composite plates have been investigated and the results are discussed.

Süleyman Baştürka, Haydar Uyanıkb, Zafer Kazancıb
Turkish Air Force Academy, Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute, İstanbul, Turkey
bTurkish Air Force Academy, Aerospace Engineering Department, İstanbul, Turkey


Countries: Turkey

Industries: Aerospace

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