Basalt coating to enhance service life of mine fans

Corum Group has applied anticorrosive wear-resistant basalt coating for powerful fans of the main ventilation unit operating at the iron ore mine.

The ventilation unit of main airing was installed at the Ekspluatacyonnaya mine that belongs to the Zaporozhye Iron Ore Plant (Ukraine). Mine construction division of Corum carried out this construction works.

Equipment of the main ventilation unit can supply the mine with 150-950 cubic meters per second with a rotor speed of up to 750 rpm, – comments CEO of Corum Group Yakov Sidlyarenko. Such capabilities are provided by two powerful single-stage ВО-42,5РЗ fans.

The new ventilation unit has an extended service life of 35 years that is ensured by super-strength construction materials, as well as anticorrosive, wear-resistant basalt coating applied to the flow-through part of the fans.

Products made from basalt rock melts are increasingly used in the industry to create protective chemical, wear-resistant, anticorrosion barrier coatings. It is due to the possibility to increase the durability of equipment and structural elements made from different materials.

Surfaces exposed to aggressive media or abrasive effects are covered with cast basalt tiles or with high-filled basalt fiber or basalt scale compositions.

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