Las Vegas to hold Global Composites 2018

A new international conference Global Composites, jointly hosted by NetComposites and ACMA, will take place at Caesars Palace on 27-28 June 2018. The conference will discuss emerging global trends, insights and information, with a focus on sustained business growth.

The focus of the event remains to provide our industry leaders from all market segments and areas with key global insights that will impact our entire industry,

says ACMA President Tom Dobbins.

Global Composites will present the industry from a worldwide perspective, looking at high growth areas such as the US, China, Brazil and the Middle East. The conference will also examine the global supply chain with particular focus on fibre manufacture, resin production, and emerging technology trends.

According to Tom Dobbins, the participants will gain knowledge about opportunities in various market segments, manufacturing and technical issues, and business and management issues.

The conference programme and the registration form are available on Global Composites website.

Companies: ACMA, Global Composites, NetComposites

Countries: Brazil, China

Industries: General society

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