High Eye’s HEF32 UAV helicopter

Thanks to the newly developed carbon fibre parts from Refitech, High Eye’s HEF32 UAV helicopter demonstrated its performance at recent tests in Mexico.

High Eye’s HEF32 UAV helicopter

A development of the company’s earlier HEF30, this version has a number of upgrades, including better aerodynamics, easier access to the internal systems, a new exhaust system and more efficient rotor blades. Internally the number of components was reduced and the vibration damping improved. Further extra sensors have been added and the new model now give users more freedom for the integration of payloads. The first example of the new helicopter is due to be delivered in the second half of March.

Preferred partner
High Eye, founded some 30 years ago as a dedicated supplier of helicopter UAVs, selected Refitech as their preferred partner for the production of all composite components in 2016, explains Marijn van de Ruit, Commercial Director at High Eye.

‘We were looking for a reliable supplier that could offer us high quality, on-time deliveries and engineering knowhow for the carbon fibre components of our helicopters. Also thanks to Refitech’s support we have been able to raise the performance level of the HEF 32 even further, while simultaneously decreasing assembly and maintenance times. All composite parts have been made to a very high standard. This allows not only the quick replacement of individual parts, it also means components no longer need to be prepped prior to painting them to the customer’s specification.’

‘We really enjoy working with customers like High Eye,’ adds Bas Nijpels, Sales Engineer at Refitech. ‘They challenge our product quality and engineering skills, but when you then see the end result of seven individual carbon components fitting seamlessly together, that is quite rewarding. Refitech has more than 25 years of experience in series production of complex carbon fibre components for industrial applications, but we expanded into aerial systems some four years ago. Not without success, as we now produce parts for quadcopters, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for several UAV manufactures in the Benelux.’

Internationals growth plans

‘We can supply our customers with all their carbon component needs; from ready to fit parts to complex assemblies’, ads Bas Nijpels. ‘At Refitech we have years of experience in series production and can provide consistent and traceable high quality components to every UAV manufacturer. In order to grow even further internationally, we are now actively looking for distributors or partners within the UAV and aerospace industry  in Europe and China. ‘

Refitech is ISO9001 certified and supplies fully-fledged components that can be readily integrated in its customers’ assemblies or production lines. The company is specialized in the series production of individual components as well as complete subassemblies, including finishing treatments in its production processes. This allows Refitech’s customers to focus on their own expertise while benefitting from the knowledge of a true carbon fibre specialist.

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