AVS-SYS ducting passes flammability testing

AVS-SYS, the composite design and manufacturing company, announces that their ultra lightweight aerospace flexible ducting, insulated flexible ducting and flexible muffler (silencer) ducting has all passed FAR/CS-25 25.853(a) Amdt.17 App.F Part. I(a)(1)(ii) & (b)(4) flammability testing.

AVS-SYS ducting passes flammability testing

In total 3 samples of 8 different configurations of ducting were tested each subjected to 12-second Vertical Bunsen Burner Tests at a UKAS accredited test facility and each passed with ease.

“Passing flammability testing adds an official stamp to the confidence we have always had in our flexible ducting products,” said Paul Heaton, Managing Director of AVS-SYS. “Aircraft Manufactures, Tier 1 Companies and MRO’s can now fit our ducts with added assurance.”

The ducting is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the demanding on-board environments found in aircraft of all types, whilst minimising weight to provide long term operational savings.

The primary use of the aerospace flexible ducting is in the low pressure air distribution system, which is part of the environmental control system on board aircraft. The flexible ducting comes in a range of lengths and diameters with various cuff ends to provide all the possible options needed across the full spectrum of aircraft types. Both single ply for positive pressure and twin ply for negative pressure applications are available.

AVS-SYS provides high quality engineering, design, integration and manufacturing of products and complete systems utilising composite materials. It specialises in the aerospace sector across the full spectrum of commercial/military, fixed/rotary wing and manned/unmanned air vehicles.

Its team of experienced professionals provides a level of expertise that is unmatched outside of a major aircraft manufacturer. This enables AVS-SYS to provide complete program management over the lifetime of a project from initial concept design, system integration, manufacturing and qualification through to in-service support.

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