LDI acquires Polygon

LDI announces the acquisition of Polygon Company, a manufacturer of composite components based in Walkerton, IN, with 250 employees.

Polygon’s patented products are designed to replace steel and other metal components across a diverse set of domestic and international end markets including construction, agriculture, medical devices, and municipal utilities.

“Investing in a growing Indiana company has been a top priority for LDI,” said J.A. Lacy, president and CEO of LDI. “We are excited to work with the Polygon team on a robust strategy for the future and welcome them to the LDI family.”

“Our manufacturing business is a great fit for LDI,” said Polygon president Mike Downs. “We welcome LDI’s experience and their culture as a family office. We are excited to partner together to grow our business.”

Composite materials are typically stronger, lighter weight, longer-lasting and perform more consistently in a wider range of temperature environments, increasing uptime and reducing maintenance requirements over traditional steel parts.

Polygon was founded in 1949 by Sam Shobert, a chemist working on advanced composite materials during World War II at the U.S. Wright-Patterson Air Force base. It was owned and managed by the sons of the founder, Tim and Jim Shobert, until the purchase by LDI.

Polygon’s corporate offices and primary manufacturing location is in Walkerton, Indiana (approximately 20 miles south of South Bend, Indiana).

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