CRP is supporting supersport electric motorcycles

CRP Technology reinvents Energica dashboard through professional 3D printing and Windform composite materials

CRP is supporting supersport electric motorcycles
In Modena, homeland of supercars and motor valley of Italy, the first high-performance full electric motorcycles ‘Ego’ was born in Energica Motor Company S.p.A.

Ego was rigorously developed using F1 technologies and the Windform® family of high performance composite materials. Energica was created and engineered through the CRP Group, whose decades-long activity in the field of High Precision CNC machining and professional 3D printing, along with Windform® composite materials for Additive Manufacturing, allowed the creation of innovative and avant-garde solutions that have made Energica a unique model throughout the world.

The use of Laser Sintering technology and Windform® composite materials enabled Energica to be on the market quickly, accelerating the prototyping and product development phase.

Right from the very start, the Energica team endorsed the idea of creating an innovative dashboard capable of containing, protecting, and isolating cutting-edge and very complex electronics.

The Energica team worked with the injection mould supplier to develop the dashboard. Both took advantage of the support and expertise of CRP Technology.

CRP Technology produced three functional prototypes, using Selective Laser Sintering technology and Windform® LX 3.0, a polyamide-based composite material reinforced with glass-fibres.

On all three prototypes the development and validation activities of the components (hardware and software) and the verification of the design solutions were carried out applying specific test plans aimed at verifying both the full correspondence to the functional needs and compliance with the quality and reliability objectives required.

Energica Ego, Windform 3D-Printed Electric Motorcycle

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