Polymer pipes market in Russia: it needs upgrading

On April 26 the 12th International Conference “Polymer pipes and fittings 2018” took place in Moscow. The participants focused on the polymer pipes market, on the issues preventing the positive trend from further developing.

Analysts from INVENTRA that is the event organizer, highlighted the Russian polymer pipes market is on the rise. Despite negative forecasts, the consumption of plastic pipe products is growing. This gives momentum to local production, new domestic players come in the market, all these taken together made it possible to cut down imports to a negligible minimum.

However, some equipment and primary products essential for plastic pipes production remain dependent on import, complicating the market situation. According to the participants, the issues to be solved first include counterfeit and falsified pipe products, outdated and inappropriate regulatory documents, and poor training of the personnel.

All the benefits of polymer pipes can be eliminated at the stages of design and construction, if the specialists admitted to the operations don’t have the necessary expertise. Sometimes specialists with fake certificates appear in the market. Some construction companies don’t choose polymer pipes that, in particular, require welding but they prefer those made of fiberglass and ductile iron. In order to get the permit from the National Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding for the personnel, equipment and welding technology, an ordinary construction company has to raise, in average, half a million rubles and suffer six months of an ordeal.

– commented Elena Zaitseva, head of service and technical support department of the Polyplastic Group in her report.

Vladislav Tkachenko, General Director of the Association of Pipeline System Manufacturers, added that the Association counted seven Russian manufacturers of fiberglass pipes, “but the quality of their products is disgusting”, said the speaker. Only one out of four effective GOSTs meets international requirements for quality and performance.

Experts in NIIsantekhniki represented by Boris Khromov, the department head, believe that expert examinations are the most effective way to assess the quality of polymer pipes and fittings. The testing center of the company conducts standard, certification and identification tests of plumbing products to determine compliance with the standards demanded by suppliers, manufacturers and consumers. The company spokesperson informed our correspondent that they are ready to conduct testings of basalt plastic pipes for cold and hot water supply systems.

The Polyplastic Group is the general sponsor of the Conference “Polymer pipes and fittings 2018”, but the magazines Polimernye Truby, Polymernye Materialy, Oil and Capital and Thomson Reuters agency are general information partners. The conference was supported by the exhibition interplastica.

Early in the year, Polyplastic, part of the Polyplastic Group, introduced basalt fiber reinforced polypropylene pipes at Aquatherm Moscow 2018. According to the company’s specialists, basalt plastic pipes can compete both with metal pipes and other polymer pipes, allowing them to lay pipelines in corrosive environments, places exposed to electromagnetic radiation, and also high temperature and high pressure at the same time.

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