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Kompozitor is developing new production facilities

The first stage of upgraded machinery used to manufacture basalt composite products was commissioned in the Tver Region by Basalt Projects GC.

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A pultrusion line operating at Kompozitor plant (Basalt Projects GC) released the first products, which quality was highly estimated by the specialists.

A new range of equipment used to manufacture basalt fiber based composite products is an in-house solution developed by JSC Basalt Projects.

The modular technological line, which took the famous name of Sergei Rachmaninoff, allows for increased performance, reducing maintenance and electrical power costs.

Kompozitor is developing new production facilities

The machinery involves a modular structure on a single frame, developed by the engineers working at JSC Basalt Projects, such type of construction helps to assembly the equipment faster, and makes it easier to commission and readjust the equipment to another product type, just replacing a few modules.

A creel with reinforcing material contains up to 60 spools with basalt roving allowing for increased continuous production time.

To produce rebar of various diameters, a set of bushing is attached, which makes it possible to produce a basalt composite rebar with a diameter of 4 to 20 mm. A pulling device on a crawler drive equipped with automatic cutting provides a specified rod length with an accuracy of 0.1 cm.

Kompozitor is developing new production facilities

Automated operating modes of a tunnel kiln enable the operator to quickly perform the necessary machine readjustment to change a finished product diameter. Location and estimated distribution of wave flows of the tubular electric heater shorten the time for the manufacture of small and large cross section products.

Kompozitor is developing new production facilities

The technological line “Kompozitor. Sergei Rachmaninoff “ is controlled by a single operator by remote screen enabled by modern technology Touch Pad.

You can place an order for contemporary pultrusion lines Kompozitor designed for the manufacture of continuous basalt fiber reinforced rebar, mini rebar, mesh, and profiles both on the company website and apply to the Commercial Directorate for JSC Basalt Projects by the phone +7 (495) 241-32-91.

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