International Basalt Forum 2018: registration starts

To participate in the Forum, you don’t need to be an expert in basalt fiber, the event generously welcomes everybody involved in the composite industry.

Registration is available for participants, speakers and visitors on the International Basalt Forum website.

Science overlaps practice, long-term experience encounters modern solutions, consumers meet producers. Those attendees who want to feel like a VIP guest can enjoy special programme and sponsors are provided with pleasant bonuses.

A unique communication platform awaits entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and developers from the composite industry, who are ready to overturn preconceptions about basalt fiber and its features in almost all applications.

Each participant of the International Basalt Forum will be provided with: networking, latest information and high-tech novelties, creative ideas that can be used in their efforts to develop business, as well as the warm atmosphere and pleasure to communicate with colleagues from around the world.

Early registration is an opportunity to have an influence on the IBF 2018 agenda, and a chance to hear other market players and to be heard.

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