Basalt fiber is used for Russian BPLsnowboards

It is basalt triaxial fabric instead of glass fiber is used for novel boards developed by BPLsnowboards. The first samples have already been tested in real-life conditions this spring, so the company has all chances to start mass production by the next winter season. These intentions can be indicated in the open pre-order for the boards and in the announced expansion of snowboard line.

According to BPLsnowboards’ spokesperson, basalt fabric ensures better performance than glass fiber based one. However, these boards are eco-safe in production but material substitution doesn’t affect the cost of the finished product.

Basalt fabric for the pilot lot was provided by Russian Basalt. BPLsnowboards announced this on its Facebook page:

And here is our first BASALT fruit !!!
The result of long experiments and torment!
In these boards, the glass is completely replaced with basalt triaxial fabric!
The experiment became possible with the support of our great friends … Russian Basalt and CBG.

Sports equipment manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with basalt fiber. For example, Lib Tech has been producing basalt composite surfboards and snowboards for a few years. And basalt fiber snowboards Niche received the Good Wood Awards from Transworld Snowboarding.

Enthusiasts and serial producers successfully use basalt fiber for creating canoes, yachts, bicycles, sledges, tennis rackets and even ski jackets. According to the analysts, by 2021 the sports market of composites will have reached almost $ 4 billion.

Companies: BPLsnowboards, Good Wood Awards, Lib Tech, Niche, Russian Basalt (Meltrock)

Industries: Ecology, Sports, Leisure & Recreation

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