Redelease elected LORD´s preferred distributor 2018

Redelease was elected preferred distributor 2018 from the structural adhesive manufacturer LORD, a Brazilian subsidiary of LORD Corporation. Structural adhesives are chemical specialties used to bond metals and composites to various types of substrates.

Redelease elected LORD´s Preferred Distributor 2018

For Roberto Iacovella, managing partner of Redelease, the achievement of the award reinforces the importance of transparency in the exchange of information.

“Since the beginning of the partnership with LORD, we have sought to develop a very consistent line of communication. This helps us to act in a concrete way as an arm of its commercial area,” he said.

Distributing chemical specialties, Iacovella continues, transcends the simple sale.

“We must provide the necessary support so that the customers know not only how to use the products, but also that they can always produce more and better. Certainly, this direction was vital to the achievement of the award granted by LORD.”

Tiago Fruet, account manager for the industrial market of LORD, observes that, in 2017, Redelease exceeded all the objectives outlined in relation to the partnership.

“Both regarding the volume of sales and the conquest of new clients as well as the generation of projects and the quality of interaction with LORD’s teams.”

Founded in 1990, Redelease´s portfolio consisting of more than 1.000 products, including polyester and vinyl ester resins (Ashland); fiberglass (Owens Corning); organic peroxides (AkzoNobel), mold release agents (Marbocote and Ycon) and structural adhesives (LORD), among others. 

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