Windform materials revolutionizes automotive field

Laser Sintering technology and Windform composite materials are taking 3D Printing to the next level

Windform materials revolutionizes automotive field
The Energica high performing electric motorcycle project stems from the entrepreneurial vision of the Cevolini family, owners of the CRP Group, after the CRP Racing experience in parallel with eCRP back in 2009.

The CRP Group was fundamental for the industrial development of Energica motorcycles since the very first prototypes, which contain parts made with Selective Laser Sintering technology and Windform® carbon or glass fibre filled composite materials. The materials were engineered by the RD department of CRP Technology, the CRP Group company leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing and professional 3D printing.

CRP Technology handled the construction of the functional 3D printed seats and passenger seats.

On all prototypes the development and validation activities of the components and the verification of the design solutions were carried out applying specific test plans (ergonomics, assembly/fitting) aimed at verifying both the full correspondence to the functional needs and compliance with the quality and reliability objectives required.

It is notable that the 3D printed seats manufactured by CRP Technology have been used throughout the Energica motorbikes validation tests, Bosch’s ABS validation tests included.

CRP Group: A unique partner in High-Tech Manufacturing

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