TecGlaze release wax

Polinox, a Brazilian company know for the manufacture of organic peroxides, produces TecGlaze mold release wax based on carnauba for thirty years.

TecGlaze release wax

“Much of the success of TecGlaze is due to the fact that the original recipe was maintained, especially in relation to the amount of carnauba,” said Roberto Pontifex, director of Polinox. This is because the raw material extracted from a palm species is the main responsible for the demolding of the composite pieces. “It is common to find on the market waxes that are much more pasty than TecGlaze, which indicates an excessive solvent presence in place of carnauba. It reduces the cost of manufacturing, but hurts the performance of the final product.”

Supplied in cans (425 g) and buckets (3 kg and 6 kg), TecGlaze wax is easy to apply, making it ideal for composite manufacturers which are taking the first steps in the industry, as well as for those who do not require a very high volume of daily release.

Currently, Polinox has the capacity to produce 20 tons/month of TecGlaze. Traded almost in its entirety via distributors, the product accounted for about 5% of the company’s revenue last year.

“There was a growth of 4% in the period. This means that the small composite manufacturer had more purchasing power,” noted Pontifex.

Founded in 1960 and certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, Polinox operates an industrial complex in Itupeva (São Paulo), with a monthly production capacity of 360 tons of organic peroxides. 

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