A high-performance PVDF carbon fiber composite tape for oil and gas applications

Solvay launches Evolite F1050, a high-performance thermoplastic composite with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement for demanding offshore oil and gas applications.

A high-performance PVDF carbon fiber composite tape for oil and gas applications

Evolite F1050 is a unidirectional tape combining the recognized excellent chemical and temperature resistance of Solef PVDF with the inherent high strength performance of carbon fiber.
It offers the performance and ease of processing required by the oil and gas Industry, as demonstrated by:

  • Combination of mechanical and chemical resistance
  • High temperature applications
  • Compatibility with Automated Tape Laying (ATL) processes
  • Customised fiber/matrix translation for maximum performance

 Typical oil and gas applications of Evolite F1050 include offshore hybrid flexible pipes and thermoplastic composite pipes (TCPs).
Thermoplastic composites are a key element of Solvay’s growth strategy, leveraging the Group’s vertical integration in specialty polymers and advanced carbon fiber composites technology and expertise. Thanks to its portfolio and technical knowledge, Solvay is positioned to offer advanced thermoplastic composites to meet the most demanding industry challenges. Evolite F1050is the first launch in a portfolio of products that will enable lower total installed cost solutions for oil and gas operators through the weight reduction it offers.

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