Basalt fiber SUP-surfboard developed and tested in Russia

On June 1st a basalt fiber SUP surfboard was successfully tested in waters of the Moscow River in the Small Strogino Gulf.

The prototype is a rigid sport SUP-surfboard, with fast outlines and a pointed nose, made in traditions of the best global producers. With a length of 12’6 feet and a width of about 54 cm, it weighs less than 11 kg.

Basalt fiber SUP-surfboard developed and tested in Russia
Source: International Basalt Forum

It is the basalt fiber with its excellent strength and a low specific gravity that allowed for such performance. Basalt composite material is resistant to corrosion, and having a similar matrix, it is more lightweight than a glass composite, while costs cheaper than that made of carbon.

The SUP-surfboard characteristics are scheduled to be field-tested during the Race Board Moscow competitions, with the first stage to be held on June 12 in Strogino. Everyone can watch a 200 meter sprint in the Olympic system, and the entrance to the event is free.

SUP is the abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle. This kind of sport is gaining a stunning popularity in the world, since it is available to everyone, irrespective of age and sports training. Russia has also recognized SUP surfing, and takes place in a number of exciting competitions.

During the International Basalt Forum 2018 to be held on October 18-19 in Moscow, basalt fiber SUP surfboard will be showcased as an exhibit. The participants will have a chance to ask its developer about a manufacturing process and technologies, and also learn about tests results and technical characteristics.

Basalt fiber SUP-surfboard developed and tested in Russia
Source: International Basalt Forum

This SUP surfboard project was backed by Basalt Projects Group, the organizers of the International Basalt Forum 2018, and a partner of participants taking part in the upcoming competitions in Strogino.

The registration for the Forum is open, you can register for the participation or choose a required cooperation form on the event website.


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