ACMA believes basalt fiber will enable space exploration

SpaceX efforts in space exploration are supported by ACMA (American Composites Manufacturers Association).

According to ACMA, successfully launched rockets, specifically Falcon Heavy, are built with the use of composite materials, offering new opportunities for numerous space startups.

Peter Hedger Jr., Chairman of the High Performance Council at ACMA said: “With the price of carbon fiber dropping and more adoption of advanced materials like basalt and carbon fiber, it’s allowing more and more companies to break those technological barriers to getting into space.”

Thus, the Falcon Heavy’s use of composites extends beyond just the fairing. The interstage, which connects the upper and lower stages of the rockets, is a composite structure with an aluminum honeycomb core and carbon fiber face sheets.

We have described Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. before, this company produces basalt fiber based thermal insulation for aerospace solutions. Also, international research group developed self-healing fiber-reinforced composites for sub-zero temperatures in space application.


Companies: ACMA

Industries: Aerospace

Terms: Composite materials

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