Solvay and MultiMechanics to develop composite simulation software

New material simulation software platform being developed by Solvay and MultiMechanics could reduce the time and cost of developing and certifying new composite materials by 40%.

Scientists at Solvay believe that new software will be able to:

  • Process inputs such as fiber volume fraction, fiber orientation, interface effects, resin ductility, material variability;
  • Handle the amount of explicit inputs required in order to properly define and test new materials;
  • Quickly provide insight into how changes at the constituent material level affect overall mechanical performance at the composite level.

To speed up the development of the software, Solvay Ventures invested $1.9 million in the project. This platform will enable developers to accelerate innovations and implementation of composite materials. They will also have insight into exactly how, when, and where damage will occur, and how they can mitigate it.

Companies: MultiMechanics, Solvay

Terms: Composite materials, Software

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