Advanced Composite Materials from PolyOne bringing innovation and sustainability to transportation industry

PolyOne Corporation announced that its advanced composite materials are enabling innovative and sustainable products that meet the changing market needs of the transportation industry.

“Transportation segments including aerospace, automotive, commercial and recreational vehicles can benefit from our advanced composites – in place of traditional materials – to reduce weight, improve strength, and increase design freedom,” said Craig Nikrant, president, Specialty Engineered Materials, PolyOne Corporation. “In addition to materials formulation, we’re collaborating with manufacturers in the early product development stages with predictive analysis and industrial design capabilities to help them create highly engineered, high-performing products.”

With its advanced thermoplastic composites, PolyOne is at the forefront of emerging material and process technologies that manufacturers use to meet performance and sustainability goals. Fostering better fuel efficiency, fewer emissions, and increased miles per charge, these continuous fiber composites also streamline manufacturing processes for greater productivity.

“OEMs are successfully incorporating our thermoplastic composite technology and gaining value from our design expertise at every step of the product development cycle,” said Robert M. Patterson, chairman, president and CEO, PolyOne Corporation. “These advanced, comprehensive solutions help customers meet their sustainability goals while also improving performance.” 

Mr. Patterson continued, “We plan to continue to invest in composite innovation and commercial resources to accelerate growth in these next generation materials. Composites will play an increasingly larger role in driving our future growth.”

Launched in 2016 with the acquisition of Gordon Composites and Polystrand, PolyOne’s Advanced Composites portfolio offers both thermoplastic and thermoset composite solutions with exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.

At its upcoming Investor Day on May 10, 2018, PolyOne plans to present additional details about composite innovation as one of several high-growth focus areas that underpin the company’s expectation of delivering double digit EPS growth in 2018 and beyond.

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