Kordsa presented its composite technologies that lighten vehicles at the Michelin Movin’ On Conference

Kordsa attended the Movin'On Conference in Montreal. At the conference, formerly known as Michelin Challenge Bibendum, held by Michelin for more than 20 years, Kordsa made a presentation that emphasizes the need to lighten vehicles for efficient and sustainable mobility.

Kordsa’s presentation also covered the differences that they could make in mobility with their composite technologies developed through their open innovation approach.

The Movin’On Conference, organized with the goal of “living a global, smart, sustainable and multi-model mobility,” aims to find sustainable solutions to the challenges of moving people and goods from one place to another and refers to the effects on mobility of the groundbreaking changes in daily life. During the conference, more than 4000 participants from 31 countries came together and over 70 speakers made inspiring presentations, panels, roundtable meetings and practical workshops.

Kordsa, the reinforcer of 1 out of every 3 automobile tires and 2 out of every 3 aircraft tires worldwide, highlighted current issues of mobility and its solution suggestions; emphasized the need to lighten vehicles for efficient and sustainable mobility by using heavy vehicles to move a mass from one place to another. The presentation also underlined the future of mobility, and how to make mobility more efficient in the future as well as Kordsa’s aim to reduce the rolling resistance to decrease the fuel consumption with its tire reinforcement technologies and to lighten vehicles with its composite technologies in order to achieve a more sustainable mobility.

Kordsa, a key supporter of the open innovation model, contributes to the future of mobility by developing composite technologies in a wide range of industries from aerospace to automotive today and thus support the future of mobility by lightening the vehicles in Composite Technologies Center of Excellence which serves as a technology hub.

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