A peroxide with water concentration of less than 2.5% for application in gelcoat

Polinox presents Brasnox DM50, a peroxide that has a water concentration of less than 2.5% and is free of glycol, for application in gelcoat.

A peroxide with water concentration of less than 2.5% for application in gelcoat
One of the most challenging applications for methyl ethyl ketone peroxides (MEKP) occurs in gelcoats. Hybrids of resins and pigments that protect and finish composite parts, gelcoats undergo important changes in their performance if the peroxide exhibits, for example, a high concentration of water. Defects such as roughness and early yellowing of the laminate can then be avoided with the adoption of peroxides enshrined for decades of successful use, such as Brasnox DM50, manufactured by the Brazilian company Polinox since 1995.

The company’s flagship – in 2017, it accounted for 60% of sales –, Brasnox DM50 has a water concentration of less than 2.5%, as well as low levels of free hydrogen peroxide (less than 2%). It is also free of glycol, element which makes it difficult to detect the excess water present in the peroxide.

“These characteristics made the product a reference. This is why Brasnox DM50 is part of the lamination plans of the leaders of various market segments, such as transportation, civil construction, wind energy and nautical,” said Sérgio Andrade, Polinox’s industrial manager.

Besides the use in gelcoats, Brasnox DM50 is indicated for the polymerization of polyester and ester-vinyl resins, hence taking into account all manufacturing processes – open or closed molds.

“It is difficult not to find at least one Brasnox DM50 package in the main composite manufacturers sites in Latin America.” 

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