Prediction of the Elastic Properties of Short Basalt Fiber Reinforced Al Alloy Metal Matrix Composites

In this paper, a micro-mechanical model is implemented in software for the prediction of local mechanical prop-erties of discontinuous short fiber reinforced composites.

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The model, based on the Mori and Tanaka method, shear-lag, computational model, Nielsen-Chen model and Miwa’s model is used to predict the elastic behaviour of basalt short fiber reinforced with Al alloy composites.

The Al/basalt Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) con-tain basalt short fiber from 2.5% to 10% in steps of 2.5 wt.% and are fabricated using squeeze infiltration tech-nique. The effects of fiber length and orientation on elastic properties of Al/basalt MMCs are investigated.

A comparison between the experimental data and the theoretical data based on physical models is made, and the significance of the findings is discussed. The results show that as short basalt fiber content was increased from 2.5% to 10% by wt.%, an improvement in Young’s modulus of 13.26% has been observed. Optical microscopy was used to examine the general microstructure and fiber distribution in the composite produced. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was performed on the fractured surface to understand the failure mechanisms.

Ezhil Vannan,University Visveswarya College of Engineering, K.R. Circle, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India;
Paul Vizhian. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University Visveswarya College of Engineering, K.R. Circle, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India.


Countries: India

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