Mineral wool cylinders to get St. Petersburg’s attics chilled

St. Petersburg is taking measures to insulate heat supply systems with mineral wool cylinders in attic rooms to prevent icing and dangerous icicles formation.

Giant icicles became a scourge of St. Petersburg’s winter streets since they dangle from the roof edges posing a deadly threat in case of falling. They are formed mainly because of poor thermal insulation of hot water supply system at the top floor, that warm up the attic and the roof.

A warm roof results in snow melting, draining and turning into the ice in places where the heating fails, and this is mostly roof edges.

Nikolay Bondarenko, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, instructed to prevent roof icing and ice stalactites formation. The technology of ‘cold attic’ is recognized as an effective method.

This technology includes insulation of heat supply systems with basalt fiber mineral wool cylinders laminated with aluminum foil as well as heat insulation of attic rooms.

The State Housing Inspectorate of St. Petersburg has already conducted the first inspections and identified violations: basalt fiber mineral wool cylinders were replaced with a different, cheaper, heat insulator. Such “savings” can entail not only violations of the temperature regime, but also sanitary and fire regulations.

Mineral wool cylinders laminated with aluminum foil are used to insulate pipelines in buildings and structures of housing, civil, industrial use, including the food industry.

They are durabile, high performance, able to be fast installed on pipelines of various diameters, comply with the stringent environmental and fire safety requirements.

The application of basalt fiber insulation was encouraged by the Directive ‘On Approval of the Requirements for Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Structures, and Constructions’ issued by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utility of Russia that came into force on April 6, 2018.

The document sets out energy efficiency standards, which are necessary to meet when commissioning new buildings and constructions after reconstruction or overhaul.


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