Mineral fiber substrate factory to open in the Alabuga SEZ

T he first line to produce mineral wool substrates for plants growing will be commissioned in October 2018.

The Grodan factory will become a new production facility of Rockwool-Volga, which is an operating resident of this special economic zone (SEZ). At the first stage, 4 thousand tons are scheduled to be produced annually, with the subsequent output growth to 8 thousand tons. The company has invested 500 million rubles in the project and plans to reach payback in 5 years.

Mineral wool substrates are often used in greenhouses for growing greenhouse crops, as well as for designing ‘green walls’.

Russia suffers from some kind of deficit in mineral wool substrates, which are mainly imported from abroad. The Kuban (Southern region of Russia) started to solve this problem. Also TechnoNICOL is expanding production capacity of basalt soils for greenhouses.

Products produced by Grodan TM are currently exported to Russia, and the factory in Alabuga SEZ is being constructed to meet domestic demand.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Countries: Russia

Industries: Agriculture

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